Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Art Newspaper extends to digital release

Art Newspaper
The Art Newspaper, which covers arts news across the globe and may be of interest to some of our readers, has launched an iPad and iPhone application that allows readers all over the world to download and enjoy every issue in full.

Although the newspaper, which covers arts news, exhibitions, arts events and offers a variety of interviews and other arts-related content already has a web presence, the advanced application, created by Stonewash, allows current readers free access to editions they already own as well as giving new readers the option to take out recurring subscriptions in-app and buy single copies using their iTunes accounts.

Readers inside the magazine can browse every page in high definition, enjoy extra large resolution photo galleries and videos, search the pages and contents, and interact with on page elements.

Anna Somers-Cocks, Group Editorial Director and founder of The Art Newspaper said, “The Art Newspaper is expanding worldwide, with the Russian edition out this year, and the Chinese due to published early in 2013. The English-language edition needs to be easily readable everywhere. ”

• The Art Newspaper can be downloaded by visiting or searching “The Art Newspaper” in the App Store on your device.

• Arts Newspaper web site:


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