Thursday, 27 August 2009

Cutting Off Suspected File Sharers Heavy-Handed, says Which?

Responding to yesterday's news to the British Government’s announcement that it would cut off people suspected of illegal file sharing from the internet see news story), Sarah Kidner, editor of Which? Computing has described the proposal as unfair and heavy handed.

"To cut off innocent customers without indisputable proof is blatantly unfair and extremely heavy-handed," she commented. "We've received hundreds of letters from people who claim to have been wrongfully accused of file sharing. They’re fighting to prove their innocence with the threat of court action hanging over them unless they pay compensation of up to £665 in some cases.

Which? is the leading independent consumer champion in the UK, providing impartial, expert information on products and services in its magazines, books and online to help consumers make more informed choices.

“We favour the original Government proposal to tackle illegal file sharing by sending warning letters before technical measures are imposed," Kidner added. "So in Which?’s response to the Digital Britain report, we will urge the government to first establish a rigorous and reliable method for identifying illegal file sharers before taking action.”

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